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Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 6th day

6th day
The sixth day and the last day of Russian Fashion Week was full of pleased surprises and unique new designer` s ideas. Moreover some of the collctions were presented not in its usual place Gostynnyi Dvor but in the Hodynskoe Pole.

Anna Assi
Best Night
The new collection spring-summer 2009 by Alina Assi finished the shows in Gostynnyi Dvor in Russian Fashion Week.
The designer created a luxury look of night female citizen - elegant style in luxury frame. She was full of brightness and she all shines.
Classical Evening and cocktail dresses were made of velvet and silk. There were a lot of different accessories and handmade embroideries on dresses.
Victoria Andreyanova
Black ribbons
A new season by Victoria Andreyanova was noticed by laconic, strict lines, shapes and lack of colourfulness. She presented a lot of variations of a little black dress. The only bright point was a red close to orange dress that make her collection alive.

So Russian Fashion Week one more time proved that this industry is developing and improving from season to season. The season spring-summer 2009 gives a lot of opportunities to Russians to replaced from time to time foreign dresses by our own talented designer´ s ideas.
What we expect from a new season that we will see this march is that do not copy the world brands, focus in our Russian individuality.

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 5th day

The fifth day was a culmination point of Moscow Fashion Week. More then 40 collections had already been shown. So this day was consisted most of anniversaries of fashion houses.
Razu Mikhina
10 years later
The collection”10 years later” was a kind of the conclusion of all that Daria Razumikhina had already crated. But the first part was devoted to new style which really differed from usual “ethnofuturism” of Razu Mikhina brand. She proved that even in monoscale colours you could look fashionable and chic.
The second part was more conservative and you could find some kind of a repetition of all the previous works of the brand: dresses and skirts with Russian (more precisely Vologda´s) patterns.

Two Gun Towers
Collection spring-summer 2009
The new spring-summer 2009 collection of a duet irina Krupskaya and Andrei Melnikov one more time confirmed the reputation of this tandem as permanent source of interesting designer`s ideas.
The defile was converted into the art-performance which played with a number 10, because it was an anniversary collection for Two Gun Towers.The logo of the collection was “Fashion in Passion”. The extravagant and brave clothes was accompanied by seductive and wild collection of the Italian jewelry brand Zoppini.

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 3rd day

The third day of the 20 season of Moscow Fashion Week was full of contradictions and contrasts. From calmness to extravagance, from sophistication to simplicity. And the obvious difference were precisely shown by the approaches to the production of shows of glamour young designers and renowned masters.
Slava Zaitsev
Spring-summer 2009
The show of a legendary Russian designer was not a traditional show of a collection, it was a performance or it could be defined as an art action which gathered a lot of Russian celebrities in the front row. Little plays changed each other one by one: a lady in red among men in beige suits; a crowd of amusing and cheerful men entertaining the public; Arabic motives and then a complete black podium with the arquitactural shaped dresses. So the main trends could be defined as high hats, massive chains made of pearl, and all the interpretations of 1980 s: wide shoulders, tight weight and huge jewelries.
Sylvie Burstin-Maria Pryor
Argentinean independence
Two girls Sylvie Burstin and Maria Pryor presented Argentina. While Sylvie Burstin paid a lot of attention on classical elegance and chic dresses haute couture Maria Pryor was inspired by old fairy-tales and legends. The girls passed the podium along with sharp ears and romantic dresses and looked like truly elf princesses.
The endless sex symbol Jane Fonda as a space queen – was the symbol of this collection. So the main trend was the futuristic fantasies from 1960 s. But the sexy and the feminine side was presented by natural fabric and calm shades of white, grey and blue.

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 4th day

The forth day was full of surprises that mostly were made by a great amount of celebrities on the stage.
Dorozhkina and Voronin
Present me the sun
The heroine of a new collection of Diana Dorozhkina is a beautiful young flirting girl. The variety and play of a yellow colour closed to gold and the sun reflected the kind and warm name of a collection .
The men´s collection of Mihail Voronin was made in a mature style which was covered by charm, positive atmosphere. The bright accents of green, yellow and blue make the suits more relaxed.
Tasha Strogaya
The new collection of Tasha Strogaya was inspired by the fashion icons of 1980-1990 s: Christie Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Nadya Aurman.
The designer considers that that they were the most important persons at their time with their individual and unique beauty. Usually the collection of Taha Strogaya are very feminine but know she mixed it up with some sporty features.
Sergey Sysoev
Number 9
The fashion-code of a new collection of Sergey Sysoev was the number 9. Each dress contained one of the certain 9 pieces of clothing or accessories. He also used wildly bright printed flowers in skirts which were completed by cold natural scale.
Flight Liverpool-New Deli
The idea of the collection was announced as a faithfulness and a protest, which unites the loved hearts.
The character was a girl of an old family, who is reay to abandon her house and family to be with her lover. The main colours were very positive and colourful. Ethnical and folklore fantasies were also mentioned in her collection.

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 2nd day

The second day was full of energy and temperament. SV2. But the real surprises in the field of young style was given by Sergei Shatunov, while Elena Tsokalenko from Minsk showed a real progress in her works. This season Yulia Dalakyan created real masterpieces of textile art for sophisticated madams who know the cost of themselves.
Rapsody in violet shades
Sergei Shatunov dosed the brightness of colours and the transparent fabric which evoked the logic associations with a summer in Iceland.
He was not afraid of using a complicated violet colour for clothes which he added by dark green and light pink.
He also offered some varieties of a long white dress with green and black pattern which played a culmination point in the catwalk.
Elena Tsokalenko
A new dress of a queen
One of the most conservative designer opened a new chapter, new tune in her style.
Her usual long dark dresses were now a little bit feminine, a little bit playful and seductive.
Now she prefers to use plisse, complicated patterns and the light colors, although her dark-dark blue dress and brown shoes on a massive heel are remained the same.
Yulia Dalakyan
A life for a flower
Antique and cheerful South American motives are met with truly Indian brightness and who it is said in fairy tales “lived happily ever after”.
A conflict between warm and cold colours was solved and the warm one won as always in Yulia Dalakyan´s collection.
From the very beginning some bright spots were thrown to the small details of dresses that reached their culmination in the middle of the catwalk and it was hold until the end.
Max Chernitsov
Summer ice
Max Chernitsov is famous for his style as a provocative, positive and full of sense of humour.
“Summer Ice” is his new spring-summer 2009 collection where he tried to combine surrealistic motives, heat desert and shocking ice.

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009:1st day

Starting with red ribbon of a princess of Tialand the first day of Russian Fashion Week (RFW) was continued by new collection from Rig, childish but at the same time very feminine show of Nadia Nurieva collection. But the hymn for femininity which was promised by Elena Suprun at the end of a day sounded louder that it used to.

Sirivannavari Nariratana
Pearl`s pirate
The collection of the princess of Thialand by Sirivannaravari Nariratana was already shown on Paris Fashion Week. The new thing that she brought into Russian Fashion Week that now this show could be done in exhibition way of presentation.You coukd find loose little dresses, the shoes madewith semi-platform, semi-heels with pearls.

Maria Vlasova
Riga`s march
The headliner of Riga Fashion Week as usual tried to make fun with experiments of the forms and shapes. So she combines sharp military lines with space motives. Anyway among this gloomy military mood some models amazed by femininity although a little bit space.

Elena Suprun
Pas de trois of a black colour and love
Elena Suprun year by year helds the name of the most alive participants of Russian Fashion Week. The colours of spring-summer 2009 collection were as usual dark: black was mixed up with brown and sometimes spots of red. By the pattern of a cot she emphasized the romantic side of a woman.

Russian Fashion Week: Back to 1994...

It was 1994 year when Fashion Week in Moscow appeared. During 10 years after its birth only haute couture of Russian designers and other world maisones de la mode was shown.
But in 2003 year Russian Fashion Week changed its format completely and now two times a year (at the end of a March and at the end of October) it presents the clothes of a prĂȘt-a-porter class.
The main goal of Moscow Fashion Week is to encourage the development of fashion industry in Russia, make a promotion of Russian designers, present the best samples of world fashion on the catwalk.
Moscow Fashion Week discovered and opened to wide public such talented designers as Igor Chapurin, Andrei Sharov, Tatiana Parfenova, Victoria Andreyanova, Sergei Efremov.
Twenty seasons were presented by Moscow Fashion Week which is usually supported by the Moscow Government, and many worldwide famous designers took part in it such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Costume National, Antonio Berardi, Fendi, Vivienne Westwood, Julien Macdonald, Emanuel Ungaro, Alessandro Dell`Acqua, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel, Missoni, Byblos, Trussardi, LAnvin, Emilio Pucci. Thanks to these people Moscow Fashion Week has already become fashionable.
Moreover Moscow Fashion Week gives its participants to put their own contribution in a world campaign devoted to fighting with chest cancer.
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