Saturday, 28 February 2009

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 4th day

The forth day was full of surprises that mostly were made by a great amount of celebrities on the stage.
Dorozhkina and Voronin
Present me the sun
The heroine of a new collection of Diana Dorozhkina is a beautiful young flirting girl. The variety and play of a yellow colour closed to gold and the sun reflected the kind and warm name of a collection .
The men´s collection of Mihail Voronin was made in a mature style which was covered by charm, positive atmosphere. The bright accents of green, yellow and blue make the suits more relaxed.
Tasha Strogaya
The new collection of Tasha Strogaya was inspired by the fashion icons of 1980-1990 s: Christie Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Nadya Aurman.
The designer considers that that they were the most important persons at their time with their individual and unique beauty. Usually the collection of Taha Strogaya are very feminine but know she mixed it up with some sporty features.
Sergey Sysoev
Number 9
The fashion-code of a new collection of Sergey Sysoev was the number 9. Each dress contained one of the certain 9 pieces of clothing or accessories. He also used wildly bright printed flowers in skirts which were completed by cold natural scale.
Flight Liverpool-New Deli
The idea of the collection was announced as a faithfulness and a protest, which unites the loved hearts.
The character was a girl of an old family, who is reay to abandon her house and family to be with her lover. The main colours were very positive and colourful. Ethnical and folklore fantasies were also mentioned in her collection.

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