Saturday, 28 February 2009

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 3rd day

The third day of the 20 season of Moscow Fashion Week was full of contradictions and contrasts. From calmness to extravagance, from sophistication to simplicity. And the obvious difference were precisely shown by the approaches to the production of shows of glamour young designers and renowned masters.
Slava Zaitsev
Spring-summer 2009
The show of a legendary Russian designer was not a traditional show of a collection, it was a performance or it could be defined as an art action which gathered a lot of Russian celebrities in the front row. Little plays changed each other one by one: a lady in red among men in beige suits; a crowd of amusing and cheerful men entertaining the public; Arabic motives and then a complete black podium with the arquitactural shaped dresses. So the main trends could be defined as high hats, massive chains made of pearl, and all the interpretations of 1980 s: wide shoulders, tight weight and huge jewelries.
Sylvie Burstin-Maria Pryor
Argentinean independence
Two girls Sylvie Burstin and Maria Pryor presented Argentina. While Sylvie Burstin paid a lot of attention on classical elegance and chic dresses haute couture Maria Pryor was inspired by old fairy-tales and legends. The girls passed the podium along with sharp ears and romantic dresses and looked like truly elf princesses.
The endless sex symbol Jane Fonda as a space queen – was the symbol of this collection. So the main trend was the futuristic fantasies from 1960 s. But the sexy and the feminine side was presented by natural fabric and calm shades of white, grey and blue.

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