Saturday, 28 February 2009

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 2nd day

The second day was full of energy and temperament. SV2. But the real surprises in the field of young style was given by Sergei Shatunov, while Elena Tsokalenko from Minsk showed a real progress in her works. This season Yulia Dalakyan created real masterpieces of textile art for sophisticated madams who know the cost of themselves.
Rapsody in violet shades
Sergei Shatunov dosed the brightness of colours and the transparent fabric which evoked the logic associations with a summer in Iceland.
He was not afraid of using a complicated violet colour for clothes which he added by dark green and light pink.
He also offered some varieties of a long white dress with green and black pattern which played a culmination point in the catwalk.
Elena Tsokalenko
A new dress of a queen
One of the most conservative designer opened a new chapter, new tune in her style.
Her usual long dark dresses were now a little bit feminine, a little bit playful and seductive.
Now she prefers to use plisse, complicated patterns and the light colors, although her dark-dark blue dress and brown shoes on a massive heel are remained the same.
Yulia Dalakyan
A life for a flower
Antique and cheerful South American motives are met with truly Indian brightness and who it is said in fairy tales “lived happily ever after”.
A conflict between warm and cold colours was solved and the warm one won as always in Yulia Dalakyan´s collection.
From the very beginning some bright spots were thrown to the small details of dresses that reached their culmination in the middle of the catwalk and it was hold until the end.
Max Chernitsov
Summer ice
Max Chernitsov is famous for his style as a provocative, positive and full of sense of humour.
“Summer Ice” is his new spring-summer 2009 collection where he tried to combine surrealistic motives, heat desert and shocking ice.

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