Saturday, 28 February 2009

Russian Fashion Week sping/summer 2009: 5th day

The fifth day was a culmination point of Moscow Fashion Week. More then 40 collections had already been shown. So this day was consisted most of anniversaries of fashion houses.
Razu Mikhina
10 years later
The collection”10 years later” was a kind of the conclusion of all that Daria Razumikhina had already crated. But the first part was devoted to new style which really differed from usual “ethnofuturism” of Razu Mikhina brand. She proved that even in monoscale colours you could look fashionable and chic.
The second part was more conservative and you could find some kind of a repetition of all the previous works of the brand: dresses and skirts with Russian (more precisely Vologda´s) patterns.

Two Gun Towers
Collection spring-summer 2009
The new spring-summer 2009 collection of a duet irina Krupskaya and Andrei Melnikov one more time confirmed the reputation of this tandem as permanent source of interesting designer`s ideas.
The defile was converted into the art-performance which played with a number 10, because it was an anniversary collection for Two Gun Towers.The logo of the collection was “Fashion in Passion”. The extravagant and brave clothes was accompanied by seductive and wild collection of the Italian jewelry brand Zoppini.

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