Friday, 23 January 2009

A woman from Mars

Zhanna Aguzarova, a Russian singer and the leader of a band Bravo, confessed in one of her first interviews that she was not actually from this planet. In fact where she was born is still a secret to public. It was supposed at first that she was born somewhere in the middle Asia. But then she changed it to Novossibirsk and then to Vladikavkaz*.
Ater some failed attempts to entry drama schools and singing competitions and after some of her first performances she and her band Bravo were taken to a jail for a year (indeed a jail for people with mental deseases). When they got their freedom they decided to move from underground to rock-n-roll and in 1985 they were on the top of popularity.
And after leaving her band to make her own carreer she moved to USA where she spent 6 years. Then she came back to Russia and decided to stay here and she still lives in Moscow.
But even being an underground or pop or rock-n-roll star Zhanna never changes her incredible style "a girl from Mars". Her dresses and makeup are some kind of combination of Vivienne Westwood and Annie Lennox.
Some days ago i saw a video clip of Bravo that was shot maybe 20 or even more years ago. Indeed clip seemed very awful but Zhanna`s style is awesome (the same you could see in the foto above with a black plait).
Sometimes it could seem that her style and her songs do not fit, but this fact makes every perfomance of Zhanna even more funny and special.
And maybe she is not very sweet but definitely she has her own style!

* Novossibirsk and Vladikavkaz are russian cities, Novossibirsk is situated in Siberia while Vladikavkaz on the Caucas mountains.

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