Monday, 19 January 2009

A teen businessman in USSR

In 1989 Andrei Lagunov had 200.000 dollars in his pocket after selling fertilizer to China. How could a 15 years old boy from USSR get this? So when his father came from his work with magazines about wholesales abroad Andrei wrote to almost every company asking to send him as a representative of a company some samples, which he successfully sold in further. By this he established good relationship with many foreign trade companies.
He became a great businessman and travelled a lot looking for a business that might be interesting to be opened, and suddenly his meeting with Marc satisfies his ambitions to work in fashion industry.
When 20 years old Russian businessman and 23 years old French designer decided to show their beachwear collection it led them that now they are sold beachwear, accessoires and lingeries in 32 countries including Scandinavian countries, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and United Arab Emirates.
Researching their amazing marketing strategy in fashion I suddenly realized that one of my beachwear` s that I bought last summer has the label Marc and André.

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