Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chanel is in love with Russia

Karl Lagerfeld has never been to Russia. But that hasn´t stopped him from lauvnching a Russian collection entitled Paris-Moscow. The first glimpse of the collection was had at the premiere of a film about the great Coco CHanel, and her love affair with Russia. The doyenne of fshion once had a fling with Prince Dimitry Romanov, was friends with Igor Stravinsky and SErgei Diagilev. A descendant of the prince Kutuzov was her personal secretary. At the show in Paris, Russian models Sasha Pivovarova, Vlada Roslyakova, Tanya Diagilyeva and twenty more Russian beauties took to the catwalk. There were high-heels shaped like onion domes, head dresses wrought from plaited blonde hair and decorated with pearls, muffs and coats with fur trimming and gold embroidery, hand bags in the form of Faberge eggs....The models were suddenly transformed into haughty aristocratic maidens or emperors of all Russia. " I would have been utterly content t live in monarchy", confessed Karl. And Karl Lagerfeld has created his own kingdom in the land of Chanel, and rules it with absolute grace. His collection combines the best Russia has to offer- folklore and tradition; the bling of Russian orthodoxy and beauty of its women - in a way only a foreigner to Russia could. "It can be very different from reality, but that is the charm of it", says the designer.

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