Tuesday, 31 March 2009

“Perfumer”: chapter “Chanel №5”

Ernest Beux was born in Moscow in 1881. He had to live Russia in 1919 becuse when communists became to rule the country.
Beaux was introduced to Coco Chanel in 1920 by Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, Chanel's lover at the time. Beaux was acquainted with the royal because his father had worked for the tsar (royal family).
When Mademoiselle Chanel asked him to work for her, in response to her request for a perfume, Beaux — according to his own words — presented her with two series of bottles, the first numbered 1 through 5, and the second, 20 through 24. According to Beaux' report of the meeting, she chose the bottle numbered "5" and, when asked what she would call it, told Beaux that she would call it "Number Five" — which she did.

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