Saturday, 17 January 2009

“Goodbye, Kira Plastinina” - USA said.

A 16 years old fashion Russian designer Kira Plastinina had to close her stores in United States. Like many rich businessmen Sergei Plastinin tried to fulfill his daughter caprice to make her famous when she was 14 years old. Good startup with a hundred million million dollar and the 2 million promotion by Paris Hilton led Kira and her father Sergei to realize that USA market actually had not been waiting for fashion collection “a la pink Zara for 14 years old teen girls’. There are a lot of brands cheaper and with excellent quality. Moreover the present crisis made the sales worth so they had no chance to make their customer buy their goods.
But the good news for Kira Plastinina could be that the niche for young rather cheap fashion clothes in Russia is free. One of the factors that makes young girls to buy her clothes is that the design is rather simple and that the designer herself is at the same age as her customer.
After grasping her Russian customers she, perhaps, with a second attempt could launch her business abroad.

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